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Food Freedom & Weight Reduction

Hypnotherapy assists you to strengthen your ability to focus on forming new healthier food associations and lifestyle changes, supported by the different choices and habits you establish with the help of your subconscious mind.

By tapping into the power of your mind you can develop the skills needed for successful slimming and body reshaping. Hypnotherapy can directly influence habits and patterns that will allow the body to move to its naturally to your perfectly healthy and sustainable size and shape.

Clinical Hypnotherapy directly and positively influences habits and patterns that will allow the body to move to its naturally to your perfectly healthy and sustainable size and shape.
Clinical Hypnotherapy treatment sessions, in combination with giving you the tools to practice are effective in creating the emotional shifts while reframing the thoughts and beliefs that can hold us back (in all areas of life). 
These positive mindset shifts change the way we think and create self-confidence and self-esteem and enable us to have a healthy and happy future.

A Rest Easy Hypnotherapy Body Reshaping program is tailored specifically to your needs, and can include:

  • Removing the emotional attachments to food & unhealthy eating behaviours. This includes activating your mind to let go of the preoccupation with snack foods and extra portions and actioning the body to let go of those extra kilos

  • Healing past trauma and programming that caused emotional attachments to food.

  • Coaching and guiding through a proven methodology to remove addictive behaviours such as food restriction and anorexia, bingeing and purging, and create healthy relationship to food, eating, and habits.

  • Create freedom from the thoughts, cravings & preoccupation of snack foods through a food aversion program.

  • Enjoying the inspiration and motivation to eat healthy nutritious meals and be satisfied by less, because it feels so good!

  • Feeling the sensation of fullness, strongly and rapidly, even before you’ve finished your meal.  

  • Boosting metabolism and the effectiveness of the thyroid so your body is actioned into burning the weight as fuel.

  • Balancing the hormones created by the endocrine systems to enable to perfect balance of reproductive hormones and stress hormones for weight-loss (especially for peri and menopausal women, PCOS and Endometriosis).

  • Strong & empowered mindsets, & positive motivation and inspiration to nourish your body in the best way for weight-loss, and to increase exercise.

  • Limiting your food intake for good. Through gentle, hypnotic guidance your subconscious mind will believe you have had surgery to limit the amount of food your stomach can hold, and therefore limit the food intake once and for all.
    Assessing if this kind of therapy is right for you can be determined in the first consultation, and a minimum of 4 sessions is required.


In combination with Clinical Hypnotherapy, you will also be shown various tools and mindfulness techniques to utilise and practice in life, and complementary audios to listen to, to keep focussed on achieving goals. 

This is the perfect combination for helping you to become your perfect and maintainable size and shape.

Check out the Testimonials page to see stories of success!
Give us a call to find out more about how this can work for you.

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At Rest Easy Hypnotherapy, we provide you with tools and techniques to adjust your eating and let go of the extra weight, & complementary audios to have you locked-in & focussed on success! 

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