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Lack of focus and concentration can lead to procrastination, and forming negative beliefs about who you are. This keeps you from attaining your goals and full potential.

Concentration is the effortless ability of an individual to focus on a single task or thing

Concentration is also the ability to recall information successfully.
This state is free of all outside distractions, of
pure concentration.


With repeated scientifically-based hypnosis sessions, you can train the mind to shift gears at will and slide into a higher state of mental focus. According to one study, people who have undergone Hypnosis for Study & Learning focus better on a single task without concerns about the surroundings.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy for studying is the perfect skill to learn if you want to improve your study habits and perform better in exams. The brain wave pattern produced by a trance or hypnotic state produces focus and concentration, these are precisely the attributes need to learn and recall information at will. If you feel disorganised in your study, you’ll find that poor habits are overcome, your attitude will change and you’ll become enthusiastic about learning.
Relaxation techniques with Hypnotherapy are designed to help you reach a state where your conscious part of the mind is relaxed and accessing the subconscious part, which is highly receptive and more open to suggestions. 
Rest Easy Hypnotherapy for studying and exams will teach you skills that will provide a lifetime of benefits.

Hypnotherapy helps sharpens the mind and improve memory

Hypnosis Calms the Mind

A human brain is an incredible tool, yet it occasionally lets us down. We cannot concentrate on a problem, forget tasks, become distracted, or feel mentally worn down and groggy at the close of the day.
With hypnotherapy, you can boost your levels of focus and concentration by eliminating such distracting factors. 


For example, some people seem to have the power to pass exams with ease, recalling all kinds of figures and facts without putting in a substantial amount of effort or work. It is not that such individuals have more brainpower but because they can use their in a relaxed and focused way.


Hypnosis creates a “calm mind” state that teaches your mind to narrow your focus and concentration exclusively on your goal.
Hypnotherapy helps you live in the moment, helping you tune out distractions.
Hypnotherapy helps to overcome anxiety, lack of sleep, stress, and ADHD.


Works on the Subconscious

Hypnotherapy helps you unlock your subconscious mind’s full potential to eliminate mental and environmental distractions and work until you are done with the task. 


This mental shift allows you to tap into the flow-state of mind you have whenever you’re concentrating on any activity you love. It applies the same mindset to other less enjoyable tasks, whether it’s leading a team with good decision-making or speed reading for an exam the following day.


With repeated consultations, time and practice, the effects of hypnosis continue to build. That allows you to enter a deeper state of concentration and focus at will for better outcomes.

Rest Easy Hypnotherapy for studying and exams

Some of our clients have no difficulty with studying and learning, yet when faced with a test or exam they have difficulty recalling the information they need. Most actually know the answers, but are so tense they can’t recall them. This is often a result of anxiety before the exam rather than actually during the test. Being successful in exams is dependent not only on your knowledge but also your
state of mind.

You are what you think. It is common for us to concentrate on our perceived weaknesses rather than our talents and strengths, Hypnotherapy can change this. The words and language we use in everyday conversations and in the internal dialogue that plays in our minds reinforces the belief that we have a “bad memory”. This has a huge impact on our ability to remember and recall important information when we need to.
Hypnotherapy changes this internal dialogue and belief resulting is better recall and better outcomes.


Your subconscious mind has a perfect memory so being successful in study, exams and tests is less about memory and more about recall and nerves. This is where hypnosis will help.

Using hypnosis you’ll be able to approach exams without anxiety, with a focused mind, have confidence and achieve success.
You’ll perform at your best during tests, your concentration will improve and you’ll think more clearly and creatively.

Rest Easy Hypnotherapy for study and exams will:

  • Remove the mindset blocks that keep you from achieving your goals and having success, once and for all.

  • promote a calm and relaxed mindset allowing you to make the most of your study time

  • increase your ability to concentrate when learning,  listening or reading

  • keep you focused on your study and the outcomes you want

  • promote better recall and memory

  • stop you from procrastinating and;

  • motivate you to enjoy study

  • increase your confidence so you can more easily achieve success

  • Tools and techniques that can provide a lifetime of benefits

  • Complementary guided hypnosis audios to keep for an unlimited time to have you locked into the mindet that gives you great outcomes.

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