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Anger Management

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Let’s face it, anger is the most unwelcomed emotion.

It has copped a bad rap for the longest time, causing us to shove it down, lest we be deemed unstable, unsafe, or worse yet, unlovable. Its potential for destruction evokes fear, rather than understanding. For this reason, it is the most misunderstood human emotion and in many ways, the most undervalued too.

Let's talk about Anger

In my experience there a two kinds of Anger


There is what I call 'Conscious Anger',  which is a stable and grounded expression of inner truth both for self and others. It is rooted in your innate human values and is based on the virtues of truth, goodness, honesty, and human rights. It is clear on its purpose and has the motivation to act upon it in a positive way. This kind of anger is also rare as it requires intimate understanding and knowledge of Self—including the compulsions and influences of the ego.

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On the other hand, there is
'Impulsive Anger' which is a byproduct of our wounding, conditioning, and unresolved experiences.This type of anger perpetuates more pain but it is simply trying to find a way to heal.

Anger is a valid emotion, and it needs to be expressed.

We can do this by either expressing our anger, or internalise our anger which causes it to be
If people do not feel
safe to direct their feelings outward, then they direct them inward.
In many cases, I see clients who present with the symptoms of self-directed anger.
It manifests as depression and anxiety, self-harm, self-hate, self-blame, self-abuse.

There are many ways to stop the cycle of inward and outward destruction and that can only occur by starting to take the shame out of anger.

It’s so important to determine if the triggers that continue to provoke automated feelings of anger are in line with our deepest truth and values.
Those triggers may be remnants of outmoded past beliefs and experiences that are no longer relevant to the present.
The best way to encourage healing and empowerment is to manage anger with both our
head and heart.


Your future is calling you into true wholeness and equilibrium.

This is a process of making the unconscious conscious so that it no longer holds us captive in a reactive state of Fight, Flight or Freeze.

You can positively reframe your relationship with yourself and reclaim your anger so that it might lead you toward achieving a greater level of healing and wholeness within, and peace in your external life.

I can help you to unpack these patterns and conditioning, to help you resolve them once and for all,


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