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Rediscovering & Cultivating
your Feminine Essence


As women, our feminine essence is at the core of who we are.

The modern word has allowed most women to have it all, but in order to have it all, women ofter feel they must DO it all.

Part of the reason for this is that in our society there has been a lot of value on achievement, direction, clarity, leadership and other masculine qualities. This often causes many women to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and resentful.

There is a lot of talk about Masculine and Feminine energy

It is useful and necessary for women to adopt masculine traits for a period of time to perform work, or achieve a goal or deadline, however when a woman is in her ‘masculine’ for an extended period of time, she will soon become fatigued by being out of alignment from her ‘feminine’ core.

This can cause women to feel brittle, cold and hard.

This is the point where many women come to work with me…

Many women tell me that they are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, anxious and stressed, that they are so fed up with having to ‘wear the pants’, do it all, be it all,
get the endless ‘to do’ list completed, all while living up to societies expectations of ‘perfection’.

Many women explain to me they feel numb in their body, or disconnected from their body, or have intense pervasive negative emotions such as anger and resentment.
Many women feel as though the have forgotten how to be ’feminine’, or show vulnerability.
They feel like they are inferior and not good enough.
They don’t know how to connect in relationship anymore.
Life has become stressful, hard, and nothing brings joy.

Where has that fun-loving woman gone?  Where is the fun? Where is the joy?

Left too long, these negative states can result in a whole host on mind and body issues.

These symptoms in a woman’s body can show up as tension, pain, headaches, cold hands and feet, dryness in hair and skin, and a whole host of reproductive issues, intensified menopause symptoms, and lymphatic/glandular weaknesses.

In her mind these states can be experienced as excessive worrying, ‘monkey’ mind, insomnia, anxiety and depression, disconnection in relationships, cravings and
 unresourceful habits and addictions. 


Excessive alcohol consumption is just one symptom of increased stress in women

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  • The feeling of being too much

  • Thinking/believing that Feminine equals weak

  • Not knowing how to be feminine, not knowing what your unique expression looks of feels like. 

  • Preferring to just “get on with things” or “get stuff done”

  • Being uncomfortable with feeling

  • Thinking along the lines of “I already am feminine”. This is often accompanied by a lack of enquiry about what embodied feminine actually is, and largely because in our society there is so little role modelling of healthy feminine

  • Thinking / feeling “I don't want to be like mum”

  • Being told that as a child that you are too sensitive

  • Being acknowledged as a child for your accomplishments, and not acknowledged for your being-ness

  • More attention and value given to masculine qualities in our society today, such as
    rational being valued over intuition, direction valued over expression, clarity valued over feeling.

  • Associating feminine energy with only the unhealthy feminine aspects - i.e. hypersensitivity, emotional dumping, chaotic energy, being scattered, gossiping.

Common Fears/ challenges in embodying and expressing feminine energy

Feminine qualities include: 
• Vulnerability
• Compassion
• Empathy
• Understanding
• Warmth
• Connection
• Ability to receive
• Openness

Expression is a valuable aspect of our feminine essence, it’s about being in touch with who we are and allowing that to be felt and seen by others. Listening to our bodies, feeling the sensations and emotions present, and being able to express through our bodies, sound, and movement is of immense value. 

Often for us women there is a deep longing to be seen, and yet we hold back our true expression. As women we will often speak up for others, and yet suppress our feeling about what matter most in our own lives. Finding a way to express is a pathway to feeling more alive, more sensual and more connected. 

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Hi, I’m Cara Beltrame….

I’m a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
& Neuro-linguistic Practitioner,
and founder of
Rest Easy Hypnotherapy

By working with me you can transform and rediscover your Feminine Essence
Here's how:

  • Unpacking the past and the ‘masculine’ programming (and identity) women absorb

  • Cultivating a willingness to inspect behaviours and patterns, to be present to the feelings in your body, and to acknowledge what comes up.

  • Cultivating a clear and healthy relationship to your feelings, allowing your feelings to run through your body freely, as essential parts of being in feminine energy. 

  • Cultivating vulnerability, magnetism, radiance, nourishment, softness, fierceness, invitation, feeling, expression, receptivity and longing as a woman.

  • Creating safety for your feminine core and gifts.

  • Coming into alignment within yourself, cultivating this as a ‘known’ state, and reactivating it anytime you need from your feminine core.

  • Solutions for transforming relationships by developing an ability to invite the men (or masculine people) in your life to 'show up for' and assist the feminine you, and in a way where men respond positively.

  • Healing feminine in relationship so a union can move forward, each fulfilling different roles, giving meaning and depth to love.


  • Learning clear communication with men, women and children, so you can really be heard, seen and listened to.


  • Skilled at ‘tuning in’ to your feminine core, responding into the world through this state, and shining your feminine gifts into the world.

  • Mindfulness tools and techniques to assist in daily life as well as complementary guided hypnosis audios to cultivate feminine energy, more ease, flow & pleasure. connected with your feminine core.

This is where Hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective to help you rediscover your feminine essence because much of the healing occurs within the unconscious mind.

In addition to hypnotherapy, during a treatment session I will also show you tools and techniques to reframe unresourceful mindsets and beliefs. These positive mindset shifts change the way you think, what you believe about yourself, and ultimately how you feel, so you can feel confident in all situations, challenges & experiences, while
 connected to your feminine core.

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