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Allergies & Anaphylaxis

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Hypnotherapy treatment programs are proven to help people heal from allergies and allergic responses, and move beyond the experiences of chronic fears and phobias, the symptoms and the stress, anxiety and worry.

A tailored Hypnotherapy and NLP treatment program, in combination with tools  & techniques to practice in daily life, are effective in healing the experiences of the past that contribute to allergies and fears, easily and without stress or tension, and reducing the symptoms, so you can have freedom, move forward with relief and a feeling of safety.


Hi, I’m Cara Beltrame….
I’m a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and founder of Rest Easy Hypnotherapy.

I can assist you in healing the root cause of your allergiesno matter what the allergy is – easily and effectively so you no longer experience the physiological response. I can also treat the debilitating symptoms. This is where Hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective for allergic responses as much of the healing occurs within the unconscious mind.

I have helped many people overcome or reduce their allergies and symptoms with this therapeutic approach

Let’s go a bit further……
There is a lot of scientific evidence that Hypnotherapy is an effective
treatment for allergies

In recent years our knowledge of the immune system and the pathogenesis of immune disorders has increased. There has been much research on the complex connections between the mind, the central nervous system and the immune system and the effect of mood on disease processes.

The cited paper1 reviews the evidence on the effects of hypnosis on the allergic skin test reaction, on allergies, particularly respiratory allergies and hayfever, and on bronchial hyperreactivity and asthma. Hypnosis, which is generally regarded as an altered state of consciousness associated with concentration, relaxation and imagination, and amongst other characteristics an enhanced responsiveness to suggestion, has long been thought to be effective in the amelioration of various bodily disorders. It has seemed that the state of hypnosis is capable of a bridging or mediating function in the supposed dualism between mind and body. There has been great variation in the experimental and clinical procedures such as type of hypnotic intervention employed, the training of subjects and the timing of the intervention. Also, variability in the type of allergen used and its mode of application is evident. But despite these limitations, many of the studies have shown a link between the use of hypnosis and a changed response to an allergic stimulus or to a lessened bronchial hyperreactivity, and evidence for a positive 
influence on the neurovascular component of the allergic response.

What are the different kinds of allergies?

Respiratory Allergies


It is surprising to many people that allergies have a big-time psychological component. 
For example, take someone who is allergic to a certain flower, which causes them to develop asthma 
flare-ups. If they are shown this flower, encased in a glass vase so that he cannot inhale any of the flower particles to which he is allergic, the person might still wheeze! 

Continue reading to find out how these kinds of allergies can be treated effectively

Food Allergies

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The same kind of psychological reaction can occur in patients who are known to be allergic to particular foods. For example, let’s say someone is allergic to corn.  If this person is given corn to eat, they will develop stomach aches.  They will also develop stomach aches if she swallows a capsule that she is told contains corn particles. However, some people who develop corn allergy symptoms will not develop a reaction if they swallow a capsule without knowledge that it contains corn, even if it does contain it.

Hypnotherapy treatments are effective for any kind of food allergy. No matter what the allergen is. Continue reading to find out how these kinds of allergies can be treated effectively

Pet & Animal Allergies

Let me explain a process: a person who is allergic to cats is guided into hypnosis and taught how to do hypnosis.  While in hypnosis when this person is told that their skin will be scratched with needle tip dipped in cat dander, they will develop an allergic skin reaction (swelling and redness) even when the skin was scratched with water. 
On the other hand, if the person is told their skin will be scratched with water, they will not develop an allergic skin reaction even when the skin is scratched with cat dander. 

Continue reading to find out how these kinds of allergies can be treated effectively

Mysterious Allergic Reactions 

What accounts for these “mysterious” allergic reactions? 
Classical conditioning. 

You may recall Dr. Pavlov’s experiments with dogs in 1905. In those experiments, Pavlov rang a bell, and then fed dinner to his dogs. The dogs would salivate before they ate in preparation for digesting their food.  Pavlov then found that the dogs salivated as soon as the bell was rung, even before they were served their food, because they had learned that the bell means dinnertime.  Importantly, the dogs continued to salivate after the bell was rung, even when dinner was not served.  Thus, they had developed a conditioned response. 
Continue reading to find out how these kinds of allergies can be treated effectively.

What is common in all allergies

Every person who experiences allergies has developed a conditioned response to their allergen (the substance that causes an allergy).  The mere thought they were exposed to something that caused their allergies would lead them to develop symptoms, just like in the case of a child who started working with me after he developed - and suffered terribly - with asthma symptoms after he imagined eating a cheeseburger. 

The situation becomes more complicated in situations wherein somebody has a true allergy, which is made worse with conditioning.  For example, someone might be slightly allergic to a dog, but because of classical conditioning their allergic reaction might be large and may prevent them from being around dogs at all. 


Hypnotherapy for Allergies & Classical Conditioning 

The good news is that with within as little as 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy, the classically conditioned response can be dissolved, collapsed and end.  Through this, a person who is thought to have a significant allergy can “recover” almost completely after learning how to change their “allergic reaction” through hypnosis. 

Hypnotherapy to help someone who might suffer from classically conditioned allergies can be treated by imagining going back to the time when the person’s body learned to react to the allergen.  The memory of this event can be “rewritten” in hypnosis so that the person remains calm when the reaction first occurs, and this ensures that the conditioned response never developed.  Guidance of a trained professional who has a lot of experience is important for this kind of work so that the “rewrite” does not affect an essential memory, such as that which encourages continuing to be mindful and careful about exposure to potentially harmful allergens. 
In addition, for example, knowing that a hay fever bout is imminent can cause anxiety and stress, too, and this is where hypnotherapy can play its role in helping the sufferer relax,  and feel safe, thereby slowing the heart rate and regulating the nervous system.

In addition to hypnotherapy, during a treatment consultation,  I will also guide you to using tools and techniques to reframe unresourceful mindsets and beliefs. These positive mindset shifts change the way you think, what you believe about yourself and allergens in the environment, and ultimately how you feel and how your body responds, that can enable you to have a healthy, happy and safe future.

I have helped many people overcome or reduce their allergies with this therapeutic approach, and you can too!

What allergy do you have?
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