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Fear of Public Speaking

  • Do you start to feel nervous the moment you hear that you have to give a presentation or a speech at a meeting or birthday party?

  • Do you get physical symptoms like sweaty palms, a racing heart, constricted throat and a shaky voice just thinking about it?

Hi, I’m Cara Beltrame….

I’m a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
& Neuro-linguistic Practitioner
, and founder of Rest Easy Hypnotherapy

There are many reasons why people are afraid of speaking in public some of them are feeling judged, lack of confidence, fear of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing.

A tailored Rest Easy Hypnotherapy treatment program is very effective in helping people move beyond the experiences that cause ongoing chronic fears, phobias and the symptoms of stress, worry & anxiety. Fear of public speaking is a specific form of this kind of stress and is quite common.

A tailored Hypnotherapy and NLP treatment program, in combination with tools  & techni
ques to practice in daily life, are effective in healing the experiences of the past that contribute to fears,
and phobias, easily and without stress or tension, and reducing the symptoms, so you can speak to groups or publicly. This is where Hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective for chronic fears and phobias because much of the healing occurs within the unconscious mind.


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When working with Rest Easy Hypnotherapy you can:

  • Heal the experiences of the past from the root cause that contribute to fear of public speaking.

  • Eliminate the triggers that result in public speaking fears & phobias.

  • Promoting feelings of calm and peacefulness that can effectively neutralise your speech anxiety the next time you face a similar situation.

  • Learn to detach yourself from these physiological reactions and can help you rehearse the skills that are needed to become a confident and calmer public speaker.

  • Fostering connections between areas in your life where you are already confident and skilled and transfer experiences and learnings to other areas of your life where you don't feel as empowered. Connecting with what motivates you and utilizes this to help you (re)discover your strengths and abilities.

  • You will learn how to feel better about yourself and build your self-confidence in all situations and experiences.

  • Building your own personal motivation to pursue the goals in your life that you really want, and have themThese long lasting changes can be made so you can have the life you want.

    In addition to hypnotherapy, during a treatment session I will also show you tools and techniques to reframe unresourceful mindsets and beliefs. These positive mindset shifts change the way you think, what you believe about yourself, and ultimately how you feel, and enable you to have a healthy, successful and happy future.

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