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Complex Trauma & PTSD

Complex trauma is exposure to multiple traumatic events—often of an invasive, interpersonal nature—and the wide-ranging, long-term effects of this exposure. These events are severe and pervasive, such as abuse or profound neglect.

These kinds of Trauma can be described as Big T Trauma, and Little t Trauma.


What Is Big  T  Trauma?

Big T Trauma is a reaction to a deeply disturbing, life-threatening event or situation. That's why we usually think of extreme events when we think of trauma—for example, war, natural disasters, violent crimes, a school shooting, or a serious car accident.

What Is Little  t  Trauma?

Little t trauma refers to events that typically don't involve violence or disaster, but do create significant distress. For young adults, examples of small trauma might be a breakup, the death of a pet, losing a job, getting bullied, or being rejected by a friend group.
These kinds of trauma ususally occur over a period of time, and can shape our beliefs of who we are. 

This can significantly impact on our ability to learn, to form memories, to regulate emotions, it can affect our ability to be calm, to learn, to think, to reflect and to respond flexibly and in a planned way.

When Traumas are left unprocessed they can include persistent fatigue, sleep disorders, nightmares, fear of recurrence, anxiety focused on flashbacks, depression, and avoidance of emotions, sensations, or activities that are associated with the trauma, even remotely.

PTSD trauma can be difficult to treat, but there are some reasons why the best hypnosis techniques can work for people who have suffered severe PTSD trauma in their lives.

Those who have suffered from PTSD trauma often get so caught up in the thoughts about the traumatic event they experienced that they can no longer find a way to relax. Through the best hypnosis counselling, the individual can learn new ways to achieve a state of relaxation in spite of the alarming thoughts they have experienced.
Those who suffer anxiety due to PTSD can have issues with concentrating. It is easy for something in their lives to trigger the same thoughts and emotions they experienced during the traumatic event, which can blur the lines between what is actually happening and what once happened. Through hypnotherapy, the individual can learn how to concentrate more keenly so they can easier decipher the feelings and reactions they are having and determine what is a logical reaction and what is linked to the past trauma.
Hypnosis techniques can help the individual understand why they suffer from PTSD episodes, help them understand their own emotional reactions, and create a new, positive view of themselves and the world. 



PTSD is a severely debilitating emotional condition that can affect everything about how you live your life. This unique form of an anxiety disorder stems from a traumatic event in an individual's life that causes them further distress for months or even years going forward.

What Is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Hypnotherapy techniques such as EMDR,
and Martix ReImprinting help to disolve
Trauma and PTSD from the root cause
and colapse the response and negative beliefs associated with the trauma. 

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