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Confidence & Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the opinions, feelings and thoughts you have about yourself.
Although childhood experiences play a role, self-esteem can evolve and change in reaction to life events and experiences. The changeable nature of our self-perception is actually great news, because it means that you can change the way you feel about yourself so that it enhances your life and increases self-confidence.

Hypnotherapy & NLP are powerful tools for helping those parts of ourselves that desire change to achieve the positive outcomes we want.

By tapping into the power of our mind we can change the way we think and feel, and in turn change our life.

Automatic thoughts

Automatic thought
s are an internal monologue that runs alongside our daily life, usually outside of our awareness. Automatic thoughts can be helpful or unhelpful. They can be realistic or unrealistic. We are so used to this running commentary that we rarely even notice it. What we notice is the feelings that the commentary creates. For instance, we may be unaware of our automatic anticipation of failure or success in a given situation, but we are aware of whether we feel anxious or calm.


We all have an ‘Inner Critic’, the voice inside our heads that passes judgment on ourselves and on others, and determines how we perceive ourselves and make meaningful sense of the world. People with healthy self-esteem engage with their ‘Inner Critic’ in a way that enables them to work towards self-improvement and self-empowerment unhindered.

Hypnotherapy can help you interact differently with your ‘Inner Critic’, generating helpful thinking patterns so that the outcomes are more positive and supportive for your optimal functioning and enjoyment of life.  By tapping into the power of our mind with hypnotherapy we can change the way we think and feel, and in turn change our life.

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