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Embodying Confident, Healthy Masculine

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What holds Men back from the freedom of Healthy Masculine?

There are so many questions and conversations now days about men being too feminine and women being too masculine, how to be sexually as a man, and where has attraction gone?

What’s a man to do with all that? 
I often have this conversation with many men....

Let me explain....
We formulate our identity and how to express ourselves from learned experiences as we mature and become adults, through family, friends, partners, TV, society and culture. These learned behaviours become our behaviours, habits and traits.

The problem with this is, so much of what men and boys learn are through fear and bad experiences.
Men and boys learn to make choices to avoid “bad things” happening. 
This is partly because as boys are maturing, the only ‘Masculine’ role models are men who were macho, abusive and degrading, particularly towards women.
Because of the fear of being a “bad guy”, boys and men unconsciously choose more feminine qualities.
In my experience, the men who I speak to ofter don't realise this patterning until they find they are experiencing issues in romantic relationships or when becoming fathers.  This can cause great confustion, furstration, and resentment, often unconsciously. 


Many men feel lost in this
They don’t know who they are, or who they are mean to be.

Many men don’t know how to “be themselves” authentically, in a masculine way.

This is the point where many men come to work with me…


Hi, I'm Cara Beltrame

I’m a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist & Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and founder of Rest Easy Hypnotherapy.

By working with me you can transform and discover your Confident and Healthy Masculine Man Inside by:


  • Unpacking the past and the “toxic masculine” programming men and boys absorb.

  • Cultivating integrity, clarity, purpose, leadership, presence, and direction as a man.

  • Ability to inspect behaviours and patterns, to be present to the feelings in your body, and to acknowledge and heal what comes up.

  • Develop an awareness of the dynamics and flow in how women communicate.
    There are many signals that men aren’t taught to look out for.


  • Learning clear communication with other men, women and children, hearing though the words and feeling their message.

  • Healing masculine in relationship so a union can move forward, each fulfilling different roles, giving meaning and depth to love. This transformation in relationship can be profound.

  • Experience healthy masculine love, strength and integrity, and feel confident about shining it into the world.

  • Mindfulness tools and techniques to assist in daily life as well as complementary guided hypnosis audios to help keep focused on achieving goals.

In addition to hypnotherapy, during a treatment session I will also show you tools and techniques to reframe unresourceful mindsets and beliefs. These positive mindset shifts change the way you think, what you believe about yourself, and ultimately how you feel, so you can feel confident in all situations, challenges & experiences, and in your healthy masculine.

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