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You can STOP any negative thought or unresourceful mindset pattern with this guided hypnosis audio. 
And then your can CREATE feelings of peace, calm, confidence and inner strength, and anchor it into the body and mind. 
This 30 minute audio will have you feeling more positive and resourceful in all areas of life. 

Listen with headphones in a comfortable, private location. 

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. 

Not for duplication or file sharing. 

Download your FREE PDF guide for the 9 Mindset Traps that lead to Stress, Anxiety, Worry & Depression.

The audio and this guide really is the winning combination to break free of Stress, Anxiety & Worry!

If you have any questions or feedback, please email

STOP the Negative, CREATE the Positive Hypnosis Audio

  • Stereo MP3 Audio file. 

    Please listen with headphones in a private loation. 

    Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. 

    Copyright Rest Easy Hypnotherapy 2024. 
    Not for dulication or file sharing. 

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