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Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

The 3 Primary Elements of Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

When you initially turn to the internet and search for hypnotherapy near me, you may have something in mind that you wish to achieve, or you may just be curious about how hypnotherapy works. Your search for hypnotherapy near me can open up a new world of therapeutic practices, but how does this type of therapy work? Here is a look at three of the primary elements of hypnotherapy if you visit a practitioner in Torquay, VIC, Australia for this unique type of therapy.
Guided Relaxation
Guided relaxation involves following the sound of a hypnotherapist's voice to achieve a state of relaxation through simple and focused breathing and guided thoughts. Many people struggle to reach this state of relaxation on their own because their own thought processes get in the way of them reaching a fully relaxed state. Through hypnotherapy, a heightened state of relaxation is reached to support further therapeutic processes.
Focused Attention
At any given moment, your mind can be filled with many thoughts swarming and mixing together in a massive hum of cognition. Focused attention involves pulling out just one of those thoughts and focusing all of your attention on that particular thought. For example, a hypnotherapist may ask you which thought is the most prominent, and then guide you through exercises to focus on that particular thought during hypnotherapy hypnosis.
Intense Concentration
Intense concentration is the act of intensely concentrating on something. The focus of concentration can be on something internal, such as a thought or an idea. However, the point of focus can also be something external, such as the sound of a ticking clock, the sound of the hypnotherapist's voice, or something else. Intense concentration during hypnotherapy hypnosis is often done to help you gain a narrowed vision so the clutter of excessive thoughts falls away.

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