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Are you ready to stop smoking? Are you ready to let go of a habit you took up in your youth, one that you have now outgrown? Once you decide that you have a compelling reason for stopping smoking, such as health reasons or social, or other, you can stop, just like that…with the help of hypnotherapy.

The behaviour of smoking is often linked for people with their efforts to unwind and disassociate themselves from their worries and anxieties. Through the use of hypnotherapy you can remove the emotional link to unhealthy habits like smoking, enabling you to move into a healthier way of being relaxed and feeling in control.

Because hypnosis works at the deep levels of your mind you will be able to change your relationship with cigarettes and remove the desire to smoke. No gimmicks are necessary, no patches or Nicorettes. Did you know that the chemical addiction of nicotine from cigarettes is out of your system after 72 hours? So in fact, after that time, you have already conquered the addiction aspect of smoking. The remainder is to conquer the habit, and hypnotherapy is the way to do this quickly and easily.





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Stop Smoking

At Rest Easy Hypnotherapy, we provide you with tools and techniques to manage thoughts of cigarettes during your daily life, & complemetary audios to have you locked-in &
focussed on success! 

Check out the Testimonials page to see stories of success!
Give us a call to find out more about how this can work for you. 


Weight Management

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Hypnotherapy assists you to strengthen your ability to focus on forming new healthier food associations and lifestyle changes, supported by the different choices and habits you establish with the help of your subconscious mind.

By tapping into the power of your mind you can develop the skills needed for successful slimming and body reshaping. Hypnotherapy can directly influence habits and patterns that will allow the body to move to its naturally perfect weight, and stay there without a constant struggle.

Because hypnotherapy offers an effective, drug-free choice for resolving personal issues and promoting health and wellness, it is a natural, safe and comfortable way to address the negative self-beliefs and self-talk that have been holding you captive. By using hypnotherapy to tap into the power of your wise inner mind,  you will  get started with a new message in your mind, and your body will follow.

Our physical and emotional well-being depends to a large degree on our physical energy, and an abundant physical energy arises out of physical fitness. A lack of this energy and fitness can lead to many imbalances, of which being overweight is one.

Hypnotherapy increases your motivation and self esteem. It creates opportunities to develop eating and exercise patterns that promote harmony and wellbeing, letting you feel good about yourself as you move in the right direction for creating a new body image, one that reflects the right size and shape you.


Chronic  Pain 

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People have the capacity to learn physiologic strategies in pain management.
Training in such strategies can be accomplished in one to four treatment sessions, depending on the type of pain problems.

Cara is trained in a ground-breaking and world renowned Chronic Pain treatment modality OldPain2Go®.

Pain has a purpose when it relates to a new injury or problem. It gives us the urgency to deal with an issue, relevant to how much of a problem it is. However, once we have had a proper medical diagnosis and the tissues are healed, or will never heal, and no more can be done except pain relief, it seems the pain message should be redundant as it has served its purpose!

When we continue in pain, long after the initial warning is unnecessary, we need to challenge whether what seems like an old, useless, out of date pain message is still needed. This can only be done at the level of the unconscious.

OldPain2Go® is a revolutionary program which involves interacting directly with the unconscious mind, which is the part of us which controls automatic /programmed behaviour and thoughts, including response to pain.

Our bodies are miracles of nature and in most cases they heal themselves with no conscious input. OldPain2Go® is about you getting your unconscious and conscious aspects to talk to each other. The Practitioner acts as an intermediary in the process, and will guide you all the way.

Rather than pushing the mind to believe that pain is something that does not exist, a Chronic Pain treatment session will allow the unconscious mind to effectively switch off the messages of pain. 

How effective is it?
77% pf clients have no pain perceptible within 3 treatment sessions, and 23% experience the perception that pain is reduced. All clients experience pain reduction. 


Stress Management

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It is so important for your overall health to learn to manage stress effectively, in order to support the healthy functioning of your physical body and your emotional life. By utilizing the skills hypnotherapy helps you develop, you can address the physical, emotional and psychological issues that you need to improve in your life, in a gentle but powerful way.

If you feel overwhelmed by life’s demands, find you are short tempered and over react to people or events, or just feel like you are in a state of tension all the time, then you are suffering from Stress. Ongoing stress depletes the body’s biochemical systems, and over a period of time is a contributing factor in disease processes.

Hypnotherapy offers a drug free, effective method of reducing stress levels, enabling your body to be reacquainted with its natural state of calm and ease. The healthy balance of a calm mind and body will help you go through your daily life more happily and effectively, with renewed energy and a deep sense of wellbeing.



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Effective depression treatment gives you the knowledge, skills, and strategies that you need to regain your energy, confidence, motivation and strength. Hypnotherapy will help you develop skills to build mental and emotional resilience, and you will discover strengths and strategies that empower you to foster a strong sense of wellbeing.

Although the word ‘depression’ is frequently used as a blanket term, the experience of depression varies greatly in the feelings that it brings, its severity, and the effect that it has on a person. For some people the predominant feelings of depression involve being sad or down. Depression may also bring feelings of hopelessness, pessimism or failure. Other people experience depression more as a feeling of fatigue, and a lack of motivation, interest or enjoyment.

Recent developments in the field of depression treatment focus on the growing evidence that depression isn’t necessarily fated by genes or brain chemistry. Rather, there are perspectives and skills that can reduce depression’s hurtful effects, and can even serve to prevent its onset. Hypnotherapy can help you improve the quality of your thinking, feeling and choices, thereby improving the quality of your life.

It is important to consult your doctor or psychologist, to rule out other possible causes and to seek medical help for depression disorders. Adding hypnotherapy into the treatment management plan you develop in consultation with your medical health care provider, can help speed up the positive results that you achieve.


Anxiety is a normal and inevitable part of human experience. However, if anxiety gets out of hand, it can interfere with enjoying life and reaching your potential.

Using hypnotherapy to tap into the amazing resource that is the power of your mind, will help you improve the quality of your thinking, feeling and choices, in turn improving the quality of your life.

We all know what it feels like to be nervous – about an exam, job interview, important speech, a big date or some other life event. However, excessive and ongoing anxiety can hold you back at work, stop you doing things you’d like to do, interfere with social and family relationships, and undermine confidence and self-esteem.

Thoughts are one of the most powerful influences on your mood and emotions, if not the most powerful influence. This doesn’t mean that situations themselves are not good or bad, easy or hard. But how you think about difficult situations determines how you respond emotionally.

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Hypnotherapy offers an effective way of calming the mind and body systems, introducing new messages and response patterns that support calm, confident strategies to help you change your thoughts and your experience. It is a powerful way of releasing old ways of focusing and creating new more positive elements of experience to focus on that help you feel better and stronger.

The more you can generate helpful thinking patterns that improve your mood, the more helpful neurotransmitters you are likely to produce. These are your body’s natural feel good chemicals. Learning how to turn off the ‘fight or flight’ response in the brain reprograms the over sensitized hormonal and nervous systems in the body, thereby allowing recuperation and relaxation to evolve instead.

It is important to consult your doctor or psychologist, to rule out other possible causes, or to seek help for severe anxiety disorders. However, adding hypnotherapy into the treatment management plan you develop in consultation with your health care provider, will speed up the positive results that you achieve.


Trauma & P.T.S.D

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Numerous mental health professionals attest to the success of using hypnosis in treating the consequences of traumatic exposure, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a mental health condition that's triggered by either experiencing or seeing a traumatic event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as excessive thinking about the event.

Many people who experience a terrifying event have a difficult time coping for a while, but they don't have PTSD. But if the symptoms worsen or last for months or longer and interfere with your functioning, you may have PTSD.

Getting effective treatment after PTSD symptoms develop is important in reducing symptoms.
Hypnotherapy and NLP helps prevent or reduce dissociation following exposure to a traumatic event, reduce symptoms of anxiety, and help reaulce the emotional reaction associated with the memory of their traumatic experience. 


Phobias & Fears

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Do phobias play a part in your life? Are there things in everyday life that scare you more than they used to? Are you looking for reliable and effective phobia treatment?
Phobias can be of many types and relate to many things both large and small… but if there is a feeling or fear that stops you from functioning normally in any situation, then let’s deal with it.
Phobias can take many forms – and though they can seem trivial or even silly in some cases, they should be treated. Phobias can include fear of riding in a car or fear of imperfection… fear of clowns or computers… fear of rain or the moon. Phobia treatment means looking at the cause of your phobia and dealing with it… it means you won’t have to suffer from some of the symptoms of phobias such as shortness of breath and accelerated heart rate, shaking or feeling faint, excessive sweating or irritable bowel syndrome.

There are many types of phobias – and the good news is that nearly all respond to hypnosis and NLP treatment.  Working together, we will deal with your specific phobia so you’ll be equipped with strategies for when they occur, if the situations arise which trigger them. By calmly understanding how you feel you’ll have internal tools to deal with your phobia – which will make for a happier and more relaxed approach to life.




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A comprehensive strategy incorporating sleep hygiene and clinical hypnotherapy sessions to help reduce habitual nocturnal patterns of worrying and/or logistical planning while in bed as the underlying cause of insomnia is very effective. 

Hypnotic suggestions during clinical hypnotherapy can help a person switch off their active state of mind. Hypnotic sessions can be used to block or reject negative patterns of worrying or logistical planning while in bed. Combining this with routine sleep hygiene techniques is an effective form of stress induced insomnia treatment.
Consultuations will also include a guided hypnosis audio designed for sleep and the issues specific to you. 



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It's not uncommon for hypnotherapists to hear from their clients that they have got pregnant after years of trying when they came to hypnotherapy for something unrelated.

Reasearch has found that this is a repeatable phenomenon.

So what's happening?

Research has shown that hypnosis for fertility doubles the success of IVF treatment.

Researchers at Soroka University in Israel found that 28% of woman in the group that were hypnotized became pregnant compared to 14% of those were not hypnotized.

This research study of 185 women was presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Berlin. The Israeli researchers aimed to discover whether hypnosis could make the embryo transfer stage of IVF more successful. During this stage, the embryo is transferred into the womb. However, if the womb is contracting, it can affect the chances of the transplant being a success. The research found that, indeed hypnosis did seem to greatly increase chances of becoming pregnant.

While this study is related specifically to IVF, it goes some way to explain the phenomenon of hypnotherapy clients getting pregnant when being treated for another issue. The reduction in stress appears to improve the chances of a pregnancy 'taking'. 

IVF fertility treatment tends to be a stressful time but stress can have a blocking effect on fertility success. This is why woman will often become pregnant at the very point they stop trying. The trying causes stress and prevents the very thing you are aiming to achieve.
Getting pregnant needs to be allowed as much as forced. Sleep is a natural process of the body but it's when you stop trying to sleep that you are more likely to actually fall asleep. So it seems to be with pregnancy.


Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is the opinions, feelings and thoughts you have about yourself. Although childhood experiences play a role, self-esteem can evolve and change in reaction to life events and experiences. The changeable nature of our self-perception is actually great news, because it means that you can change the way you feel about yourself so that it enhances your life and increases self-confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for helping those parts of ourselves that desire change to achieve the positive outcomes we want. By tapping into the power of our mind we can change the way we think and feel, and in turn change our life.

Automatic thoughts are an internal monologue that runs alongside our daily life, usually outside of our awareness. Automatic thoughts can be helpful or unhelpful. They can be realistic or unrealistic. We are so used to this running commentary that we rarely even notice it. What we notice is the feelings that the commentary creates. For instance, we may be unaware of our automatic anticipation of failure or success in a given situation, but we are aware of whether we feel anxious or calm.

We all have an ‘Inner Critic’, the voice inside our heads that passes judgment on ourselves and on others, and determines how we perceive ourselves and make meaningful sense of the world. People with healthy self-esteem engage with their ‘Inner Critic’ in a way that enables them to work towards self-improvement and self-empowerment unhindered.

Hypnotherapy can help you interact differently with your ‘Inner Critic’, generating helpful thinking patterns so that the outcomes are more positive and supportive for your optimal functioning and enjoyment of life.  By tapping into the power of our mind with hypnotherapy we can change the way we think and feel, and in turn change our life.


Study, Learning & Memory Improvement

Hypnotherapy is a perfect way to assist you with your study. Hypnosis is probably the most productive way by which you can help your brain to learn information and to recall it when you need to. The hypnotic state itself is a state of deep concentration and focus, exactly what is needed for learning.
How hypnotherapy will help you with study and exams?
  • You will learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, so you will stay calm and focused during your exams

  • With hypnotherapy you will maximize your motivation for study. This will be done by making study interesting or even exciting and making the results and benefits of studying more compelling.

  • Your confidence and self-esteem will be boosted, so you will believe and you will be proud of your abilities, very keen to use them

  • You will be able to concentrate and focus, so it will be easier to fully understand what you learn

  • You will be taught techniques to increase you memory

  • You will learn the new skills and techniques for effective studies

  • You will discover and implement your own strategies for time management, so you will be able to enjoy other activities too.