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I can’t thank Cara enough for the help she had given me over the last month. I’d been a smoker of 35 years and after only one session haven’t had a ciggie yet. I did attend my other 2 sessions just to make sure I was saved forever. Onwards and upwards for me now and I wish Cara at Rest Easy Hypnotherapy all the best. Thankyou once again, you’ve saved my sanity xx

Jenny, Geelong

Dec 1 2018 was an AMAZING day for me, it was the day I FINALLY stopped smoking.
After 26yrs of heavy smoking and countless attempts at stopping nothing worked for me until I had a Hypnotherapy session with Cara.
I remember driving to see her & having a cigarette on the way, I was genuinely not convinced this was going to be the answer (yes I was a sceptic) but I would give it a try.
Cara was so lovely & gentle radiating positive vibes genuinely keen to end my horrible habit for ever.
I can’t remember the exact details of the session (you will have to go & experience for yourself) but it was followed with a few more meetings (again I’m not going to give anything away here) and here I am 1year 4months later and I can honestly tell you I have not had a single cigarette since that first session on Dec 1st 2018!! I don’t get urges like I did the other times I tried to quit, I smell people smoking and it’s just disgusting to me now. I feel confident in saying that my smoking habit is behind me now I am a NON SMOKER!!
Thank you so much Cara for your amazing help (and support since). I encourage anyone trying to overcome an addiction or obstacle in your life to give Cara a go!!

Amelia, Kensington

I haven't had a cigarette in nearly one year! After smoking for nearly my entire adult life, I was able to stop smoking after our first session. Since then, my whole life has changed for the better. 

Tracy, Bell Post Hill

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Smoking, Weight-loss, & Life Goals

Cara has helped me with many changes I’ve been wanting to make in my life. From quitting smoking to healthy eating and managing anxiety from a traumatic event. With each session Cara worked with me to develop a plan to utilise hypnosis to help deal with the issues I was having at the time. Cara  also taught me techniques to help manage my internal unwanted decisions and change them into better decisions and actions to align to my new life plan. Having been a smoker for most of my life I was amazed the after one session with Cara I was able to help me stop smoking. I met with Cara several times to ensure that my internal anchors to stop smoking were still established. Although smoking was a major win, Cara's help with stress management and healthy eating has made massive impact in my health choices and the well being of my family.

Trina, Altona

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Weight-loss & Body Reshaping

I’ve been on a weight loss journey for sometime now, I’ve been very fortunate to come across Cara.
Not only has she helped me with my weight loss, but my overall mind set in everything I do. Her hypnotherapy is very calming and highly effective.
It took me a long time to make the move to go down the hypnotherapy path. I’m glad that I made the choice to do so, even more so with Cara.
In these harsh and uncertain times she will be a great resource.
Highly recommend her.

Adam, Geelong

After visiting Cara I have been able to use the tools she gave me to take back control of my eating habits. I found after a couple of sessions I no longer craved sugary foods late at night. I actually wanted to eat healthy food and drink more water - I lost 5kgs in less than 4 weeks without feeling I was on a “diet”. Cara is brilliant at gently changing the way you look at eating and gives you the resources to make positive changes in your life :)

Callee, Geelong

I can highly recommend Rest Easy Hypnotherapy. The sessions were excellent and I was provided with helpful tools. Most importantly, I have achieved great results. Thank you!

Debbie, St. Albans Park

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Chronic Pain & Insomnia

Cara's treatment has really helped me better deal with stress, chronic pain and insomnia. I had tried previous therapy modalities and the results weren't nearly as tangible as a few hypnotherapy sessions with Cara. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Sarah, Flemington

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Trauma & PTSD

I worked with Cara to assist me in identifying and learning to understand my childhood trauma.

Cara, in her loving yet professional manner, enabled me to firstly identify the trauma which then led me to be able to openly admit (after years and years of denial ) that this trauma had indeed taken place which in turn has enabled me to share this discussion with others which has given me a peace that I didn’t think was attainable.

I’m sure there are more layers to peel off but Cara’s work enabled the initial breakthrough and subsequentt healing, for which I will be forever grateful.

Danny, Sorrento

Hypnotherapy helped  me to heal my past experiences and traumas, and helped me to no longer be triggered by them. Its has completely changed my relationship to my past, and my outlook. 

Angela, North Melbourne