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Hi! I'm Cara Beltrame.

I am a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic practitioner, specializing in helping you to make real and ongoing change to your life, and achieve your goals.

I hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy (ACH).
I hold current registration with Australia's two national  Hypnotherapy governing bodies: The AHA and ASCH

Scroll below for some further information on my specialized fields of interest, or feel welcome to contact me any time to see how I can help you achieve your goals.  

New Event:

Group online, 5 week weight-loss & mindset hypnotherapy & NLP program
Weekly on Tuesdays 7.30-9.00pm, from 17 November - 15 December 2020

See events page for more details. 

“I had 3 sessions with Cara. She blew the weight loss flood gates wide open!
I took on all that she said and the tools she gave me.
I now have the control of my eating that I’ve always wanted.It doesn’t control me anymore!
7.1 Kilos down and I haven’t looked back – because everything has changed!
I cannot recommend Cara highly enough.
Try this program, I promise you won’t regret it.” 

Claire, Geelong

Now taking appointments in 2 convenient locations:

@ Family Medical Centre, Lara - 33 McClelland Avuene, Lara
@ Geelong Bowen & Remedial Therapies Clinic, 2 Arthur Street, Belmont

 About Hypnotherapy

Scientific research demonstrates that our mind affects our biology, and the profound connection between our thoughts, our emotions and our physical body. This connection is essential to our happiness and wellbeing. Research shows that when people are in a hypnotic state it alters the way the brain processes information. It gives us access to the powerful, personal resources to create healing.

Because hypnotherapy deals directly with the deep intuitive wisdom of the inner, unconscious mind, it can assist us to bypass negative belief patterns and obstacles we often get stuck in.

It is a process that enables the power of the unconscious mind to be harnessed in order to overcome problems that prevent us from living life as fully and as joyfully as we would like, by improving the health and wellbeing of both the emotional self and the physical body. 

 A hypnotic state gives us access to the powerful, personal resources to create healing. In hypnosis we have more flexibility and power to replace old response circuits with new desirable ones that can assist us to achieve those things we have previously struggled to do using our every day conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a natural state of relaxed focus and inward attention. In the sessions you are safe and awake, but very relaxed, and in complete control at all times. In this comfortable state of absorption the ‘busy’ conscious mind takes time out and the subconscious mind takes the lead and works to find ways to help you access the skills you need in order to attain positive and resourceful change. 

By utilizing Hypnotherapy for areas of concern in your life, you can easily and gracefully become happier, healthier and stronger, and more in control of how you experience life.

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